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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My 30th Birthday.. :)

Hye all, good day ya, everyone.

Yesterday is my 30th day. Yes, 30th, i'm not going to be sensitive with this number since it is just a number (hehehe.. :p). After my entry about what i feel on my last day as 20s woman, i received a lots of questions from friends and viewers of this blog but of course most of them wish that i will get a bouquet of flowers from my love one.

Friends, yes i did, i got not one but two! That;s amazing right. Allah hears my prays and HE gave me what i want-flowers, friends, wish and prays and LOVE. From whom? That will be a secret but I'm sure you will make a right guess, well, no harm to guess right.

My facebook wall was jammed with the birthday wishes. To my family and all my friends, thank you for the wishes and thank you for spice up my life. You guys/girls made my life wonderful , thank you for the surprises, credit to the owner of my kids nursery (her names is Kak Nor) who gave me a bloody nice chocolate cake, thanks to all the bosses who wish me happy birthday and good luck for the next coming project, thanks for the cards, birthday presents and sweet sms that i received non-stop from the morning until noon and hey angah, thanks for the most sweetest things and memories you wrote on your blog (girl, u made me cry).Seriously, all these things had made my day...Again, thank you so much, i really really appreciate it.

Well, honestly, a night before i couldn't sleep. Watching the match is only the reason but actually in my mind, i cant stop thinking. So many things came across my mind, from serious to stupid things like who gonna give me a flower on my birthday (hahahaha). But most important question is what i had achieved for last 29 years? Happy family? Good job? Make properties? Buy insurance? Saving more money? Hmmm...

Am i satisfied with what i have in my life? No, the answer never yes but sometimes i think, i should stop and take a long and deep breath, think and list down which one more important, because as a human, i cant do everything anytime and i need some time for myself too. You also have to do that, friends. Dont take yourself so seriously. No one else does. I can try to make at least 10 people smile each day but i cant do that everyday, because again, as a human, there is some time that i feel sad and down. How i can make people smile if me myself cant smile, right?

Yes, i do agree that i still have a lots of things to think and do in my life. Perfect life is just a dream but what ever it is, i will make sure that I'll go for it. Life is too short to be negative, and because it is too short, i will make it very sweet and meaningful.

Thank you all...i love you so much..


  1. yea..yea... age is just a number... well, what u got on u'r birthday is your achievement until today ...tepuk...tepuk..tepuk..

  2. yea..yea... age is just a number... well, what u got on u'r birthday is your achievement until today ...tepuk...tepuk..tepuk..

  3. angah, true..true...yeaaa...tepuk2, ajak aish dgn ghafur tepuk sekali. shall we blow the candle and make a wish together???

  4. happy belated beday. best nya sampai dapat bunga 2.

  5. hey farah, thank you, not all years like this tau, maybe tahun ni becoz that no. has been changed from 2 to 3 kot...hik hik hik



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