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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Things that i want to do today..

Hi all,

My life lately is suck! Anger, hates, frustrated, disappointment, all this feeling made my life upside down. But this morning once woke up i decided that today will be a new day for, fresh new start. I don't want to think too much, and i don't want to take myself so seriously. What is past is past, i dont want it to spoil my present happiness. In fact, life is too short to waste time hating someone. I want to forgive everyone for everything (i know its difficult to do especially when you hurt so much but i am trying...still trying. Even Rom cannot be conquered in a day ). I know that sometimes, i shouldn't have a negative thoughts on somethings that i cannot control. Think positive, be happy, smile, laugh more, do the right things, keep my limit and believe that Allah heals everything..ah, I should know that i need to do these.

So today, this morning, i get up, dress up and smile. That smile not as sweet as usual but i will make sure that it comes from heart. I know that no one in charge on my happiness except myself. What people gonna say about me? That is non of my business. I will be positive, make people smile and happy because i believe that we will be happy every time we saw people smile and laugh (right?). Anything that isn't useful, beautiful or joyful, i want to get rid of it.

I know it is hard to do all these and take some times to recover, but i believe that time will help me to heals and kills bad memory. And now, i want to take sometimes to sit in silence and listen to my favorite music. May Allah helps me....


  1. No one can make us laugh
    No one can make us happy
    No one that can comforting we
    No one apart from our own...
    Only we eligible on ourselves
    May God Bless all of us

  2. Cikgu bagi A+ sebab ayat yang ayat yang mendatangkan kesan dengan gaya bahasa yang mudah.
    I click Like.

  3. thanks cikgu, bahasa hati memang adakalanya mudah difahami jika ia tulus dan benar



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