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Monday, June 28, 2010

What i feel ??

Hye all, have a good day ya.

Today this morning when i stepped in my room at the office, one friend came to me and ask me one question, "how do you feel today, as today is your last day as 20s girl?". Wow, what a catchy question. What i feel ya? Or what i suppose to feel? Should i worry? Should i scare? Or should i happy? answer because i feel good, as nothing bother me about my age.

I can say that i just happy with what i am and what i have in my life. I knows that some people never satisfied with what the got in their life, me too but i don't want to be a slave to my own need. Yes, sometimes we want to wear a very nice blouse but that nice blouse shouldn't be a branded or expensive one, that is totally not compulsory. Well, that is just an example.

So his next question is "what is your dream for your birthday?". Wow..again, this is very hard to answer, yet too sensitive to discuss (hahaha..). Again, what i suppose to dream for my birthday ya? Or had i dream something about my birthday? Yet, no answer..i told him that it suppose to be my own dream and I'm too stingy to share it with other people. Of course i dream to have something for my birthday, but better i put it as my own target to achieve, not limited to on my birthday only but for some time, for the whole life. What is it? It is a 'things' and something that can call as 'improvement' in my life. Yes, i had a dream, like other people. One dream that i willing to share is only one, a small and a bit childish thing: to receive a bouquet of flower from my love one.. mmmm.


  1. kalo kita dah capai ape yang kita nak, umur bertambah xde hal lah=)

  2. Age is just a number..!!! Believe me?? Believe!!!!
    Kadangkala,kita merangkak untuk mencapai segala yang kita hajati namun setelah kita kecapi impian itu dalam hidup, jgn kita sia-siakan krn itu.... pengorbanan perlulah ada untuk memuaskan hati kesemua pihak...



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