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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tips Supaya Si Dia Tetap Sayang Kamu...

Hye bloggies,

How's your day so far? Mine is less busy, but still got lots of things to do. But now, i need rest (hehehe...). Crazy man, from the moment i stepped in this office till now, i have no time for myself. Today I had quick lunch alone  in the office and by 3pm, I need my coffee already because my eyes....almost 'ssssshut down'. Wish at this moment I am at home, cuddle with my kids while watching HBO...

Ladies, beside news about baby yang dibunuh sana-sini, one more news yang kerap kita terdengar ialah divorce, atau dalam bahasa standardnya: keruntuhan institusi kekeluargaan. Banyak faktor yang menjadi penyebab, malah kalau kita tanya, masing-masing akan tampil dengan alasan masing-masing. By the way, for ladies yang bergelar isteri dan adik-adik yang bakal mendirikan rumahtangga, here is few tips (yang dikutip daripada my own experience and learnt from others too). Hopefully these tips can help you girls/guys to enhance your love toward each other.

1.Sweet name for a sweet person
Dulu time bercinta biasalah kan kalau kita gunakan panggilan manja.Sayang, baby, cinta and macam-macamlah lagi. Apa kata kekalkan macam tu sampai bila-bila. You know what is the best part about calling your spouse sweet name like that? First, you spouse feel appreciated and being loved and second, nobody care and people dont feel sick of you. Plus they will be impress and adore you. Dont believe me? Try!

2. Give some space
Yes, dont too attached to your wife/husband. Give them some space for their own time, like you need your own time-off. Everybody needs time-off, although it is just for an hour. Some people not understand why i travelling so much without my husband but here is the answer. It is not because I dont love him but he gave me some space to spend time alone, with friends. That's why I can go karaoke, spa, shopping and lepak2 with friends. Try to be understand. Same goes to him. If he going out with friends, try not to sms or bbm or email or call them every 10minutes.Enough to know that they went out with whom and where they lepak2. Wish your spouse to have fun. Trust me, they will love you more..

3. Dress to kill
This is actually very important element, especially for woman. But for all man out there, please know that we also loves if you are tidy and smart and smells good athough at home. For ladies, dress to kill, especially at home. Buy nice clothes, sexy one, put on light make-up and a sweet smell perfume. Tidy up your hair, and make sure he feel lazy to going out, just because he loves to be with you . I tried this before and its work, how about you? I insist you to try this..*wink wink*

4. Be a good chef
Dont misunderstand this by point out the responsible to prepare the dish to woman only. My husband is a person who loves cooking (and no wonder i put on weight now...huhuhuhu) and me and kids especially loves whatever he cooks (except for kentang sambal because it too too much spicy lah honey). Most of the top chef in the world is men, so try it out, maybe you have a talent. For ladies, especially those who has a career, try to prepare a very nice dish on weekend. Try something that your family loves to eat. Remember ya, love comes from heart, love comes from tummy also, so you know what to do...

5. Spend time together
Everyday is honeymoon. No time? Impossible. You have time, remember that you always win if you want. Everything comes from heart. Try to find time to lunch or dinner together. Go for date, at least once a week. If you want to know how i manage it, here is the plan. Everytime we plan to go out for date, we will come early to work and on the way to go home, we will stop at the mall and spend time by window shopping or makan-makan together. Sometimes we went to spa and karaoke together, both after work because we cant do that on weekend, it's times to be with kids.
My friend have a crisis with her hubby and I suggest her to start with lunch together. The more we spend time with spouse, the more we have time to communicate and the more we communicate, the more we understand each other. Remember, knowing and loving your loves one is the whole life process so not stop!

6. Love ... make love 
Sex is a very important element in marriage. Come one, why say no when it can make you feel good? I know some woman especially working wife so exhausted after 8-9hours at office and when comes to intimitate issue, you are damn lazy.Ladies, cuba ingat satu perkara, sex is like 'makan nasi' to men, so you can give 1001 reason to say no but what happen if your spouse go out and have sex with other woman? Ya ampun, then come back home with disease (?). Sanggup ke?

So, love to make love. This is the tips to remember: Treat your spouse like you are a porstitute/gigolo. Then you will understand why he/she loves you...more and more...hehehe

7. Respect and appreciate each other
I think this is the most important element. Without respect, happy marriage is just a storytale. Easy.. start with yourself. If you know how to appreciate, then you will know how to respect yourself.Identify your-self values, your capability and your weakness. Be positive and happy person. If you respect people, people will respect and appreciate you, when you know that they treat you nicely, you will be happy and happy person will bring smile not only to themselves but also to other people around them. So keep smiling...theeeeee 

Happy reading...and hope that these tips will be useful to you out there...

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