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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Good morning everyone,
Today i came late to office..yeah, not too late but it still late (hehehe..). After having a light breakfast with hot milo, and a simple chit-chat with a friend, i starts my work. Owh..there is documents on my table, yes, this one have to forward to my boss, my mat saleh boss which is a project manager of this project.

I stamped it, wrote the project number and here we go..i walked to his room.I met few engineers talking and walking, i smiled to them with good morning wish. Now, im in front of my boss's room. He is there, sitting on his green and comfy padestal. He is wearing purple shirt, looks very smart and sweet. He laid there, looking straight to the wall with both hand on his head, his face looks...blur? No..looks very serious, yes very serious until i regretted my decision to stepped in his room without his permission (yes, it is open door concept, we can always come and see our boss anytime, but of course, i knocked the door door actually, i knocked the wall..hahaha).

But at the time i enter the room, he smile..hmm..actually nope, i think he force to smile.

Me: Hi, good morning, how are you?
Boss: Hello..morning, ..i'm not good
Me: Oh ya? What happened? (at this point, i felt like iam a busybody woman...huhuhu)
Boss: Iam ANGRY !
Me: Owwwhhhh...okay (at this time i turn and stepped out from that room.)

Am i busybody? No, i just asking my normal question when people told me that they are not fine, or they are not good. But i know he is very professional because after 2 minutes i return to my room, he came to me, gave back the documents with a smile, it is just abit but enough to tell me that it is okay for asking. Maybe in future, i shouldn't be too caring (or busybody?)

Hmmmm... Am i? Should I???


  1. busybody la tu... mcm x biasa lak.. Bukan kat kampung kita kena busybody ker?.. sampai lompat pagar! hahahaha

  2. ngah, x biasalah, terlepas tanya, tapi okay apa..caring...hehehe



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