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Friday, July 23, 2010

My and there..

Happy Friday everyone..

Today is Friday, we work half-day only (dont be jelous friends, we work 9hours per day from Mon-Thurs, ok, not include overtime job). Normally, i will go out with friends-karaoke, window shopping + shopping (hehehe) or just lepak with them at any restaurant or mamak stall. But today i dont think that i can get time-off for myself, so many things to do, my brain has been jammed, because inside there, so much stuffs to remember and thinks, can't stop and can't slow down too. Woooo...this is bad, man. I really exhausted but yet still have to be patient until my friend come back from his honeymoon leave. We should give and take, right? I tell you this because im thinking to go for holiday within next week, before Ramadhan. Damn, i cant wait...i just cant wait.

Owh, talking about Ramadhan, i was so excited. My son was 5 this year and last night he asked me on how to recite the doa for fasting. Wooo, i was so surprised when i heard he recite that doa fluently. To teacher in Genius Aulad, thanks for made me proud with my son, i respect all of you, you girls did a very good job, well done! keep it up...hehehe..Oh ya, he said this year he want to fasting, i cant believe this but it's okay, he want to try..I know it's hard as hard as explain to him what is fasting, why cant eat and drink..phewww...Seems like to be a mother at this decade is not easy anymore..Kids more advance and creative.

Hey, remember my entry abot my desire phone, blackberry. Well, seems a few friends that follows my blog asked whether i get my blackberry or not..hmmmm...not yet friends. Arghh, i feel so frustated when this issue came out. Am i emotional? No, just i really want it..i want it so much, as much as i want to fly again to Jakarta and spend few days there, OMG, i really have to come back to Jkt, so many shopping to do (:p)..and so many places to visit too, yes, i will day for sure. Friends, dont worry, i will make sure that one day i will get what i want-blackberry, sony snapshot camera and again...Jakarta trip (and two more location in the list-Hong Kong Disneyland and year ya).

That's all for now. For my friends Aravin, thanks for your comment about my blog and my writing skill. I will improve it.

Now time to start my will be a very short day for later ya, take care.

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