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Monday, July 26, 2010

I miss her......

She is my daughter named zara damia, on coming 23rd of Aug, she will be 2. I miss her so much, yes, she is here with me, stay with me but lately i was so busy with my work, came home late and then continue work on Sat and Sun. She with her brother and daddy, sent me to office on Saturday morning and pick up me late evening, both time with cheeky smile on her face. Everyday when i send her to nursery, i will always look at her small hand, wave to me with smile.

I miss her eyes, stare at me every time i get angry, that looks..abit funny yet so soft and full of love made me feel guilty, lead me to hug her, close to my heart and never let her go because she did brought back my smile...she is my everything.

Oh my god, i miss her ...i miss her kiss. So wet, but again..that kissing is full of love...made me crave for it, more and more. Her hand will touch my face...all over the face..eyes, nose and my lips. But, oh no...only one kiss per time, cant demand more, but the best part about her kiss is i always can request for that kiss and warm hug, anytime i want...anytime in my life time.

I miss her...i miss our sweet time together, when she acting that she want whisper something to me, i miss her reaction everytime i talk to her about things that happened to me on that day, with that eyes and cute smile, oh my, i miss her...i miss girl talk, gossiping time together with her.

I miss her...i miss her touch. Everytime after shower, she will sit on my lap, waiting for me there, patiently, for the cute ponytail and complete it with colorful hair clips. Then she will asked for the talcum, with tha cute hands, then with the talcum on his hand, slowly she put it on cheek, forehead and her neck. Then again..she will let me to kiss her...with smile.

Ah, actually lots of things that i miss about her. I want she know that whatever happen, i love her with all my heart, more than words can say....i love u, sayang.

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