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Friday, July 30, 2010

Familiar with this???

Salam to all my friends,
Familiar with this? I forgot...almost forgot. Oh my bad, this shouldnt happened. Allah has send His message through my son. Thank you son, to woke me up when he told me this: I am content that;

Allah is my God
Muhammad SAW is my prophet and messenger
Quran is my Iman
Kaabah is my Qiblat
and Muslims are my brothers.

He is 5 years and can remember all these, how about us???

He said:
I am a Muslim
I am the Khalifah of Allah
I must make myself become a good person
I must help other people become a good people
I must help the world become a good world
I must be a good khalifah of Allah

Hey, i think we all should, right??

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