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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Missing much

I miss you, babe, so much. Sejak you tak ada, i have no friend to share my story, my thought, my feeling, my happy and bad time. Im so sad, babe..Nobody in this office can lend their ear to listen and lend their shoulder for me to cry. Everybody busy with their own stuff even Kak Dalia (yes, we both know she always busy), semua orang duduk diam-diam at their workplace, nobody want to share my stupid we always do.

I was so happy actually that finally you found your Mr.Right. We shared the stories before and i was damn happy when you decided to get married. But now i feel lonely,feel so kosong everytime i enter this office. Dah tak ada orang yang akan puji that i look great that day or critics me when my scarf not match with my cloth. Nobody to tell me that im look good in the morning and nobody care when i feel like to cry after step out from bosses' room.

You tahu tak, i heard people said we are lesbian, because we hug each other and we are holding hand when we walk for lunch. I dont care, babe, they can say whatever they want but what i know is i love you so much. I sangat sayang kawan-kawan i, you know that, right? You tahu tak, babe, after i back from your wedding dinner that nite, i cried in the train, i was so happy but at the same time, i was so sad because i know that Dave has grabbed my favorite person... huhuhuu...Dave, you are so cruel :p

Sekarang bila i nak pergi buat facial at Capsquare, i walk alone je tau. Feel so malas and no mood but lin keep call me and ask me to come (you know her lah kan). Tak ada orang nak teman i tapau makan kat kedai mamak or walk with me to the other side of the river because i teringin makan sambal udang kat Bukhara tu. Sedih babe..

Cepatlah balik. Takyah honeymoon lama-lama kat US tu. Tapi babe, dont forget my Couch handbag okay. And perfume also. But please make sure you have fun there. Tak payahlah remember me too much like i did, because it's your time, stop thinking about other people, babe, because you deserve to be happy to.But babe, when you come back to office on May, i might be not around. I decided to fly again, i want to be a butterfly but to where...let it be a secret but i promise, i will bring you something.

Take care, babe. 


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