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Friday, March 4, 2011

A simple notes on Friday morning.


Im writing this while reading e-Kosmo and having my hot milo with a curry puff bought from Ikea last night. Actually i have no idea on what i should write but i always believe that ideas will comes when i start it, and now, without my concern, i already wrote 3 lines here.

Actually, i feel sad today, damn sad. My plan to follow my collagues trip to the place called Fraser Hill have to cancel, nope...not cancelled by them, i means, only me. While my friends having fun tomorrow, im sure at that time, im trying my best to not thinking about it and looking my best solution to have fun with family at home. Yes, why not? I always can solve my own problem, why not at this time?

Im suppose to go to saloon and color my hair today, with other 3 close friends, but because of some reason, we postponed it to next Friday. This is another issue. My non-muslim friend ask me, why i want to perm and color my hair, because im wearing scarf?. Okay honey, scarf will not be my obstacles to take care of myself. Scarf also never limit myself to do whatever i want to my hair, plus my husband love it so much, so why not? Sometimes it is difficult to explain but to make it simple, i told them that it is for my own satisfaction. As usual, i never bother what people said, i will do whatever i want, as long as it not break my religion and my husband's rules. Yes, i have to, right? Nope, wrong answer...i want to do it. Yes people, i love my religion too much and so proud to be a muslim.

Hmm...anybody here used blackberry? No? Impossible. There is a story where i wrote my review in Blackberry Application World.Yes, if you found someone with name: Ms. Whiteberry, it's me. I left my bbm pin there so that people can add me and i can have new friends in my bbm list. Start from that, everyday i got new requests, from other people all around the world. But now im tired enough. I got 13 friends now and 14 include my best friend ever (my hubby), and i think, im done. Im sorry people, i just want to say here that if you want people to respect you, show your respect too. If you think you can do it, i have no problem if you want to add me...whoever you are. boss just came in to remind me about my work which is the dateline is 10.30am today. I say yes. Secretary came here also, just now, remind me to move my files to other place because on Monday, there is a new project control want to sit at that cubicles...yes...i say yes. Yes it is very important, if you say yes, meaning you trust yourself and when you trust yourself, you can do it ... *sigh*

Actually i got a lots of things to share. Lots of story saved as drafts, still got no time to complete it. But for me, something instant like this is better, the ideas comes direct from the heart. Ah...hopefully im not show off my feeling indirectly here, plus who's care, rite?

Before i stop, just wondering, is there people in this earth read my blog?

Happy Friday everyone...cheers

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