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Friday, March 4, 2011

Ikea Meatball....i love it!

Its 12.18pm now and i am waiting a call from friends, because we promise to have lunch together...ops, then a sneek peak to karaoke for 1 hour, just to release our tension. After that? Yeah...rush back to office and continue our work. Hmm...seems like i cant finish eveything today but yes, i will try.

At this moment, because i start feel hungry and i can feel my tummy starts plays kreoookkk kreeokkk music, im thinking about one nice food that i had tried before at Ikea-Meatball. I heard people talking about it before but never try to try. Last week, me and hubby, on our dating day every Thursday evening, we went to Ikea, just to try this famous meatballs.

I dont know whether it is because im starving at that time OR the meatball itself is very nice, but i love it. I fall in love at the first bite, so juicy, fresh and marve-licious. The sauce abit sweet and not too spicy and spice up the flavour. I think you should try...

Price? RM5 for 5pcs set and RM10 for 10pcs set, together with the fries. We ask wether we can buy and take away but unfortunately, they dont offer take-away container, so if you want to buy and take-away, you have to bring your own container there.

I got nothing else to say. The more i look at this pictures, the more i can hear the sound of my tummy. Get to go now, people..

I said: Do tell me if you know any place that offer nice food with a good environment. Omg, i love eating....


  1. Dah lama tak makan meatballs ikea....sedapnyer...

  2. what is the purplish "thingy" at the side of the meatballs??

  3. kak eynda: boss kat rumah is the one who always craving for this

    anonymous: it is a suce, abit sweet, more like...hmmm...strawberry flavour. i couldnt eat with this sauce, prefer chilli sauce...more malaysian...hehehe



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