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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Colmar Tropicale Resort......sungguh menawan hati :)

Last few week, when holidays fall on week day, when i knew that it gonna be a very boring day and when i knew that is the perfect time to bring my kids outside and have fun, i finally succeed in persuade my husband to wake up early and bring us to the very nice place at the hill called Colmar Tropicale resort.

The trip takes about 45min from KL town. My kids is so excited, so do i. We reached there around 11am and the weather is so nice, not too cold and not too hot, but its so windy. The building is so nice and attractive, i like the design, like old british building. I saw lots of people there have fun taking pics, few group had photoshoot there. So nice la.

Here is few pics taking at Colmar Tropical Resort.

Look at her smile....hahahaha
Inside Colmar Tropical Area, very nice
She said: mama.....i want thisss... :p
Ok my dear, to get that giant bear, u should be able to catch the duckies...hehehe..and mama so lazy okay?

Other view...
We walked around the resport for an hour before decided to have a ride with a bus to Botanical Garden. From the bus stop, we have to walk to the Botanical Garden, it just about 100m but it is a very high hill. But because we are so excited and the weather is so good to us (hehehe)..finally, we are there. Wohoooooo!!

Hero in front of Botanical sweetheart...muah muah

So huge....

Stair to heaven...hehehehe

Japanese Tea drink japanese tea, u have to wear kimono prepared by the tea house..

She work very hard to reach the top of the go girl!

Hero served the and dad waiting...hehehe

Last but not least:

My fav. pictures...for all my readers.

I said: we can if we want.... *wink*. I LOVE you all okay...

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