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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Its part of my soul....

Happy Saturday everyone,

I am sorry for closed this blog for a while , to whom who care and did asked me the reason, no negative thinking please. Im not closed it because i received bad comment that put me down, never. But i just think that this blog need a new image,so that it will be more sweet and reader-friendly, but i cant take more than 3 days. Lots of things keeping in my mind and i cant keep it alone.

Blogging help me release. For the few days during 'construction' period, i am like a lost woman, i am very stressful when i know that nobody...only me can read my own blog, so what's the point? So i decided that dont have to wait, i still can do the 'renovation'from time to time, and i know i did a right decision, because at this moment, i am taking a very long and deep release breath while i can see my blog smiling at me, knowing that blogging has became part of my soul.

I know that it might be i dont have a faithful reader but i knew few friends among friends who care about my blog. Those who are professional but always take sometimes to have a peek here and read my story. Those who keep ask me when i will write a new entry, those who tell me their story and wanna share their life-lesson with public via my blog, those who check-in here to see what is the new news or story that they can copy and share it with other friends, those who are love blogwalking and found my link on other friend's blog, those who i called as my close family and friends outside there who regularly scroll down my blog till they found interesting story to tease me and those who silently read my blog and keep come and come again, who some of them will write some comment but most of them, just 'blink and go'.

Whoever you are, please know that i do appreciate all of you. Seriously, i live this blog for your presents because you are the reason for me to keep sharing and blogging.

People..thank you for your support and please, leave me your comment and link so that i can show my appreciation.

Thank you...again


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