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Monday, February 21, 2011

Im seriously dont know where to start....

I dont know where to start.
Should i start by telling you guys about my bad day today wheres alot of things cant be done on the given timeframe? Which is lead to my condition now: stress and so pressure until i can feel my heart beating not in normal way? Sometimes i heard it beat too fast until i feel like i can fainted anytime, or some other times, its too slow until i feel so weak, cant even raise my hands up....bad day

Or should i start by telling you that im not eat anything since morning , not taken my breakfast although i had 3pcs of traditional foods bought on my way to office this morning, and then went to do a 'compulsary shopping' with my friend because i already promise her that i will accompany her, 1pm rushed back to office to continue all my works which had dragged me to stay until this time..7.30pm. To spice up the story, all the documents that i scanned has been deleted in the folder by 'selfish and unresponsible creature' who never think about other people other than their own 'thing' in their pant....perfect day!

I just dont know where to start.
But i know that at this moment i feel like to scream loud and clear, left all the stress and worries in the air, take a deeeepppp breath and continue my work.


I still dont know....


  1. siannye Zur, take time off la. Life starts simple and should stay simple.
    Stress won't do u any good. Sometimes i really missed the time when life is simple when our WANTS is equal to our NEEDS

  2. doc: thanks for the advice, i always try to avoid bein' money slave but i cant run to be a workaholic, i just love my job soo much, everybody knew it, but yes, sometimes as a human being...stress is there :)



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