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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mystery Love - Chapter 2

After reading the mail she was shocked. A person she had never met, never seen, never spoke to was saying that he was in love with her. She started thinking was this always in his mind. How did he get her id? Where had he seen her? Many questions like this came in her mind. Finally she thought of giving a warning and replied to his mail.

Hi Rahul,
I don’t want to spoil your career but if you don’t stop sending me mails I will raise an ASHI against you.

Thanks and Regards,
Neha Jain

After this mail, the mails from Rahul stopped coming in Neha’s inbox. She thought that finally Rahul has got scared and wont be mailing her again. After several nights, Neha was resting on her chair and her eyes closed. When she opened her eyes she saw Rahul’s mail in her mailbox.

Hi Gorgeous,
With your closed eyes you were dreaming about me, right? Oh sorry for not sending any mails in the last few days. I was a little busy. I am sure you would have missed me a lot. One more thing before I forget I want to say that I am not scared of ASHI. An ASHI cant be a reason to stop loving you.

Love you.
Rahul Mehra
Neha was twisting her hair and putting them behind her ears. At that moment itself another mail came from Rahul,

Hi Gorgeous,
Now stop playing with your hair and leave the office. it is very late.

Rahul Mehra

Who is Rahul? How he know everything about Neha? What Neha will do next to stop Rahul from send the email and distrubing her?

Will be will be keep checking girls.

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