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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mystery Love - Chapter 1

Pics from Uncle Google
Dear all friends,

I got this mysterious love story from a friend. I dont know whether it is true or not but i heard some people talked about this story.So here, i like to share this you.This is really really interesting story so , please be patient and keep follow this blog, i promise you will like it but the story just begin......
********************************************************************************** Neha opened his mail box and saw a new mail from new person.

"Hi Neha, I see you every night sitting in the office till very late.Don’t you have friends? Don’t you feel like talking to your roommate?You should not sit very late in the office. this is a genuine advice from me. 

Rahul Mehra

After reading the mail, Neha was very angry on the sender. She simply deleted the mail and said to herself “who is he to give me any advice?”. She again got back to her work. 

After that night, every night Rahul would keep sending her mails and Neha would simply delete them without even reading the content of the mail. But one fine night the subject line attracted her and she had to open the mail. The subject line of the mail was “Hi Gorgeous”. 

"Hi Gorgeous, Yes today you are looking very gorgeous in this red saree. I know you don’t read my mails as you don’t like the advices I give you. So today I wont give you any advice, I will just say that I am love with you. You know you are very beautiful and if you take care of yourself many men will fall in love with you. I am sure someday you will also fall in love with me. And then we will go out for a date. Oh before I end the mail I must tell you that the best thing about is that smile. Or is it those intense which needs some sleep at the moment. Take care dear. 

Love you. 
Rahul Mehra. 

After reading the mail she was shocked. What will happen next? What she will write to her mysterious and invisible secret admire? Will be continue....keep checking girls.

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