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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Glass of Water and A Couple of Vits

Assalamualikum and hello my friend

My husband gave positive comments (not complaint's totally two different thing) about my face. I had smalls pimple's scar on my face (which is made me feel that Im the ugliest woman in the world and this is dropped my self-confident). Because Im too worried and hates to see my own face in the mirror (entah macamana, with scar, i've seen myself turn to be a nenek kebayan yang sedikit muda dari cerita-cerita dalam tv tu), so i decided to do facial at Dermalogica saloon at Capsquare, near my office.

After few times and with the Active Mosturiser that cost me RM230 for 100ml (huhuhu) it's finally works. The scar has been lighten and my skin getting smooth and better. My husband told me that the skin now looks nice because i did the facial and the most important thing is: i've taken the vit.e and multivits that he bought for me.

What i want to say here is, my dear, im beautiful not because i am, it is because you love me. And my skin getting better not because of the facial, that damn expensive product or whatsoever, but it is because of his love and caring to me that shows in a glass of water and a couple of vits that he prepared for me on the kitchen table, everynite after dinner. And i wrote it here just to let him knows that i do appreciate every single things he did to me, and i do hope that he got my point when he read this.

Life is nothing without Love.

Kata Zur: I love you too :)

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