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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hari Bergambar Sedunia?

Salam sejahtera semua,

Entry kali ni special sedikit, more to photo-blogging. Bukan apa, just nak share with friends, our happy moment together+nak tolong promote sikit blog my friend ni. Eh, tolong promote? Apa salahnya kan, kawan-kawan. Kalau kita tak tolong siapa lagi. Oh ya, suka diingatkan ini takde tujuan apa-apa, to faz, i'm doing this not because i want special price ok, it is because i like all your collections very much. and wish you good luck in your business.

To other friends who like to get all these dress for your little princess, can get it here:
Happy shopping!!

They are apple of my eyes

My princess, Zara Damia

My little hero, Muhammad Muqri
"peace, ma...peace"

mama punya turn pulak.. hahaha...not bad yeah (i guess)

menyelit jap, this dress bought at babywear blog..nice material,
kt belakang ada tali, very sweet

special pose from my little girl..cak!
and finally

akhirnya puteri beradu di pangkuan bonda.

thank you.

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