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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Amazing Ways to Preserve Fruits & Vegetables

Hi there,

I want to share with you a very useful tip to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for weeks!. iI got this from my friends who email to me this tips and i hope that she doesn't mind if i prefer to put this in my blog.

I thought it was an amazing and good idea to save wasteful resource, which is we thinks that it has no function and then, just straight away throw away into the dustbin.

Well, here is the type of aluminium coated plastic bag from Quaker ( but you will always can use any other stuff as long as it has the same tupe of material).

Then, you can put plenty of fruits or vegetables in that plastic bag and put in the fridge. Do not fold or seal the plastic bag . Just leave it open and it will do the magic work for you.

I'm sure this info will help us to save our earth and...our money too!!

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