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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Family...when we talk about family,basically it have mommy, daddy, daughter and son, and for the big family like mine, i have my grandma and grandpa (also our pets, 3 little kitty and their mama). Well...that's include my siblings (i have 7 in the family and i'm the eldest). And also include my brother and sister-in-law, and 3 little kids that we share together. Hmm...let's count the only uncle i have...and he has 8 family member. Woo..woo...this is very interesting. Can you imagine how is the situation when we hang out together? Hmmm...should be interesting and much much more fun.

Family..there are two types of family. One, family who has good income, good taste, higher expectation but less in attention and love. who have a moderate income, grateful and middle level of expectation but rich with love, laugh and smile. Mine...not type one, and not type two. least everything going smooth and everybody plays their role.Moderate income, higher expectation but full of love, laugh and forgiveness. Forgiveness? Yes, because nobody perfect, forgiveness will enhance the value of the relationship among the family members.Yes, then we make sure that we always have somebody from our family who can lend their shoulder when you need it.

My sister, she is a tough women. Her heart is full of forgiveness and love. My third brother, just married and ego, but yea..nobody perfect. Forth one, is a good uncle, fifth one...hmm...complicated, sixth sensitive and the youngest is naughty but very independent.

My mom and dad..while young always fighting and never can get together, then we give-up already and let them do whatever they want(sorry..i decided to go and create my own future). But finally, after be a grandma and grandpa, they are the most 'romantic but complicated' couple we have in our family.

And for me, thanks to Allah because gave me a chance to have my own family, even just a small one. My lovely husband and my adorable kids,thanks you for everything. To my kids, Muqri and Zara, I'm sorry baby, because mama cannot be a good mother, cannot take care both of you all the time but you both always in my pray.I love you all forever and you're everything for me.

Money is important but family is everything...

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