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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Little Chatterbox

My son, Muhammad Muqri is 3-year-old now.No more games of charades to decipher what he wants. No more confusing in order to received and response on his 'never-understanding' language he use.
Thanks to his improved diction and amazing grasp of grammar, so that I should be able to understand more than three-fourths of what he's saying now.

He uses longer sentences (three or more words) and a growing vocabulary (300 to 1,000 words — too many for you to count) to make himself understood.His question became more complete, longer and non-stop. And his request also became more complicated and details, and that's means i have to hear and understand what he need, also have to explain more details if that request cannot be fulfill. The reason should be reasonable, and the way to response to his need must be polite and in a good manner.
My talkative budding conversationalist loves to talk and sing. Doctor said that lengthy verbal turn-taking is a hallmark of this age. He'll be able to answer simple questions and also ask questions of his own. Sometime he cares less about the answer than keeping the conversation going. He'll begin to describe what he's seeing or doing and is starting to use words to reason things out. I noticed that he is using more adjectives (the big red car) and correct verb tenses, adding "s" and "ing" when necessary. He may still have trouble producing some sounds, especially r, l, s, and th. more, he has a beloved pillow (handmade by my mother), and he will asked about it when his about to going to sleep, no matter where it is. I had to retrieve it from afar more than once. Sometimes it was left at Grandma's and I had to fetch it in the middle of the night.It always made me wondering when the jig will be up. But FINALLY I got a good advice-Whatever you do — don't do anything! Children let go of security objects at different ages. Some may be ready when they start preschool; some like to carry theirs to preschool in their backpack and leave it in their cubby by day. Others continue to sleep with a special pal well into elementary school and beyond. Most children wean themselves eventually.

To avoid losing a lovey, if you haven't already, establish some rules about where the blankie or bear can and can't go. For 3-year-olds who once had unrestricted limits on where to bring a lovey, make new "big kid" rules. If it never leaves the house, it's a lot easier to find. Obviously, doctor's appointments and vacations are reasonable exceptions. (By 3, a child's chosen object is usually so well-loved and tattered it may be too late to try the ol' buy-a-replacement). Well, i think this is a good advice because it worked!! (thanks to

Whatever it is, he is a sweet and good son. yes, sometimes he is naughty but he is a kid, and it is up to me. I pray to Allah, may all the kindness will be in his heart forever.

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