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Friday, January 30, 2009

My Little Princess

When i decided to conceive, i really hope that i will get a baby girl. I was so jelous with my friends who has a daughther, which means they can buy a lot of sweet, pinky and flowery clothes and accessorice for their little girl. So when my son, Muqri celebrated his 2nd birthday, i told my husband that i'm ready for the second child!

23rd Aug 2005, is the happiest day in my life. Finally, i got what i want...a chubby and sweet baby girl. I named her: Zara Damia, means the light of truthness and intelligent. Her hair was so thick, got a chubby face but look so soft and girly. I cannot wait to bring her home because the whole family was waiting, especially Muqri.

Zara loves to be held, caressed, kissed, stroked, massaged, and carried. He may even make an "ah" sound when she hears my voice or sees my face, and she'll be eager to find me once she hear my voice. Yes, she's dependent on me for love, care, and feeding and i will try to give my best to all her need, since the only way she knows to communicate is by crying. But I learnt that I can communicate with her through my voice and my touch.

Now, she is 5 month already. She is on the rolling stage..roll...roll...roll..and again. She start crying when i leave the room or the nuersery and she get excited when she saw me come back. She will laugh when me or her brother make a silly face or funny sound. She loves watching television with her brother, and now, likes to grab anything that Muqri have in his hand (a sign that whatever my brother have, i should get one!!)

One more, she now are more alert on sound. She realizes where sound come from and she will quickly turn to that direction. She loves wind chimes (come from my neighbour;s house) and seems like i have to get one. Oh...she also recognize her name and will response when i talk to her. I also notice that she will turns his head when i call her or talk about her with my hubby.

So the only way to entertain her at this stage is talk and sing to her. One her favorite song is 'the itsy-bitsy spider' (yeah...i master with it).Argh...she love books too and her brothers' toys (superman, spiderman, cars, trucks etc). Hopefully whe she grows up, whe will loves barbie doll more than cars and ultraman).
Yeah.. her hair is long and so thick. I even can tie it and use the hair clip, i am thinking to cut it, since she always scratch her hair. Maybe this is not the suitable time to keep her hair.
Well, there is a lots of things to share but the most important things that i learn as a mother is every babies and kids are unique and special. They have their own development and meet milestones at their own pace. You cannot compare your kids with other kids, since they are different, and they are an individual!

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