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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Life is short, make it fun. Can we make it fun if we working 10hours per day, non-stop?? Well, i think we can. It's all depends how we adapt the situation, how much we love what we did. Do you love your jobs? Did you likes whatever you have to do to gain money everyday? Well, i do. I love my works, i love my job. I love everything about works that i have to do for 10hours per day (normally 10 hours..).

Some people ask me why i not apply at the other company. Dear, sometimes, it's not about money, sometimes it's about satisfaction, about how much we happy with what we face everyday. Yes, this company not given any increment last year but they did gave the bonus. Yes, that bonus is just 3weeks (not a month salary), but it better than nothing, right. So far, i'm okay with what i got. If need extra, they allowed me to do overtime works. If they not allowed, i can ask other friends who need help, also still can claim overtime.

My point is, there's always so many ways to gain money, to get whatever we want, if we really want it. Why i have to resign and apply at other company if i'm not happy? Happiness will give you a great result in your life, your life quality. The good life quality you have will give you satisfaction. People loves and caring about me. Maybe i cant get this from other place, where other staff  treat me nicely or the boss scold you without any "fucking hell' words. I got respect and appreciation here. What's more important than respect, right?

By the way, this is my own opinion, based on my daily experience. Different people will have different view. Some people chose to walk out and start a new life outside, and they maybe lucky because it's work for them. Whatever it is, please think about your own happiness and satisfaction. Do you get it enough? Do you happy? Is it worth it? If the answer is yes, dont look back, walk straight, dont 'belok-belok' is short, make it worth.

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