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Monday, February 22, 2010

Lesson learnt..

It has been a very long time since Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, which is i cant stop crying after watch that movie. Then comes out, Titanic. That is the last time i (as i remember) i cry and cry..just because of the movie. And tonight, i watched a movie; Marley and Me. Yes, i cried (again). I don't know whether it is because i am too sensitive or that movie so good and had passed the lesson to me in their own way.

Marley and Me, it is a story about a young couple that has learn important life lessons from their energetic and adorable dog named Marley. They bought Marley at a clearance sales pet (they called it "clearance sales puppy) and they had so many obstacles to train Marley. However, Marley had taught them to be patient, love each other since it  is very energetic dog. He loves chewed things-books, pillow, sofa and hates storm.
This dog grew together with the family with 2 sons and a daughter, from Boca to Phildaphia (i hope i spelt it right), from winter to summer. Then one day, Marley get sick and then cannot be save. John (the husband) has to chose whether give the injection or let Marley to be suffer. He chose injection and that is the end of the story. It is a sad ending but they learnt a lot from Marley...

Well, it just a story. Dog always be a good friend to a man, amd cat too. I cant have a dog as my pet but i never treat them bad (unless they start it...hehehe). Hey, they also created by God. and one more, i love cat so much. You know what, after watched this movie, i think it is important for us to learn how to appreciate our life, treat others nicely and be patient with all the obstacles we face in our life. Allah never promise that this life will be easy, right.

Oh yes, i love this statement: appreciate your life. Well, i think i worked hard for family, i had sacrifices a lot, include my happy time with family (especially my kids), lately in my mind work. Well, it is not just about me, but also about my family but i know and i trust that me also deserve the best.

Here is the deal: I'm gonna get a very simple and nice necklace for myself...and with a sweet and girlish design... I'm gonna work hard to get it..and oh ya..i'm gonna change my earing with a new with a diamond or maybe with a white gold.

Yes, i decided this is my treat for my hardwork and lost time...for this month??

Am i deserve this???

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