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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our new family member

13 Feb 2010 will be among the most happy day to the whole family. The day we shared the happiness and celebrate our new family member.'s 11am and I was stacked in the traffic jam, the whole way from KL to Temerloh. Kids getting bored and they starts 'create' their own activities. I'm so sleepy, plus i'm not feeling so well. It's really a very hot day, we are so tired and hungry (luckily i brought food from home, so for our kids side, they are safe !!). In my mind, i really really think about ABC and something cold like 100plus isotonic drink. Then my family keep calling me asking where are we..oh my..oh..oh

I knew my sister already in the labour room since 5am on that day but the whole family dont know what is going on. Finally, she sms me and told me the she had safely delivered a cute and chubby and healthy and sweet baby boy. He is 3.34kg (wow). Name? Oh, she still not decided yet but i'm sure it will be a long and famous name (i know u, my sis).

I was so happy..i dont know why. Just happy because i got one more nephew and that means, more people call me 'mommy' (my kids called me mama, only nephews calls me mommy-some people said it's weird and confused the kids, but dont worry, for us, no matter who is the mom, they are our kids and they know who is their mom..unique right??).

He is so 'beautiful' and chubby. I fell in love with him at my first sight. Oh my God, he looks at me when i called him " look at my baby, mommy was here". Well friends, I got a day to take care of him. On the first night at home, he keeps crying but the next day, he is a very good boy (that's my boy)

Well, let's see the pictures taken at the hospital and welcome to the family, son.

cool baby...stay cool..

at this moment, i'm telling him to be a good boy

my sister with her baby...congrats sis

mommy also want to interframe..sorry eh..
Oh ya, while waiting my turn to visit my sister and her newborn, i had taken some pictures of me and family at the lobby. Kids below 12th years are not allowed to enter the ward, regarding to H1N1 cases, so me also dont want to take a risk. Here is some pics snapped while waiting. hahaha
Zara...tired and very unhappy..sleepy

Muqri..he telling me that his sister ran to the other entrance.." mama..looks..adik go there"

no comment..seems like this is 'wrong position" hahahaha

aahhh...finally i got this cool drink-zara and his fav. drink-MILO

sleep baby sleep...

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