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Monday, January 25, 2010

Live Well, Laugh Often and LOVE with all your HEART

Have you feel so down, so dissappointed with yourself? Or suddenly without any logic reasons, you feel so sad and lonely? Have you ever you need someone so much until you want to cry? Have you ever feel that you are a loser, useless and have no value to the person that you love the most? Or to your family? Or to your company? Or whoever that close or being around you everytime, everyday? Have your feel all these stupid and unrational feelings??? If yes, means you (and me) are having a very big problem.

I knew that sometimes it is very difficult to control and understand, unless it happened to you. If something that bad (or not good ??)  happen to you, although it is just a small matter like your love one didn't call or ignore you for few days, or your boss did not say thank you or appreciate your works, or your friend did not say hi or good morning to you, you easily feel down, feel like you are useless and unwelcome, feel like he/she doesn't love you anymore or whatever bad feeling towards other people or your environment. I think if you always feel like this, means you need help, it means you have to do something before it continuously ruin your life. 

Follow these steps, it might be works: Tell yourself that everything will be okay. Trust yourself, trust your heart, follow the instinct. Think positive, think positive more, try to be positive (in word, mind and action ya). The word : POSITIVE, always gave a good (and marvellous) impact on me. Well, at least it gave me a way to think and act rationally. Think..use your brain, be logical, tell yourself it's okay if someone ignore you, believe yourself that you did a very good job although your boss (or bossess) did not say anything about your works, be rational, keep smiling, because trust me, it help you a lot.
Trust and believe in yourself, build and improve your confident level (how??), try to get your own satisfaction, quality always important than quality, be positive. Say hi to other people (although you never know their name but you always saw or meet them in the elevator every morning), don't forget your favorite perfume and put on a very light make-up (it will help you to build your self-confidence and self-esteem). Oh ya, sometimes, it's okay to break the rules (hahah...some people in my office are very happy with me because sometimes i like to break the rules and not follow the procedures, and guess what...we are a good friend now !!). Hmm, one more, manage your time, work hard is important but work smart is always compulsary. 

Last but not least, give time and space to yourself. If people ignore you, try get the way to improve the relationship but if he/she doesnt one, just ignore them. Love yourself, more than you love other people. Dont let them being your life's remote control.

Always remember, if sometimes somehow you feel so down, dont let it break your heart and control your life. Friends, LIFE MUST GO ON. Take it or leave it. You knew yourself, you knew what you want, listen to your heart, trust your instinct.
Live well, Laugh Often and Love with all your heart...

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