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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Entry tak terkata..


I know i havent update this blog for ages. No time for blogging, no time for facebook, my life now is a reality one, tak ada yang di alam maya.

Semalam while waiting for my beloved husband to pick up me from office, i heard people talking about phone call for someone who offer a job with a cant-say-no amount and benefit. I got that call now i start feel curious. What the heck!

I feel so dissappointed and bengang. My blackberry dah mula buat hal, start hang for few minutes and abit difficult to scroll. Geram tak terkata. Dalam hati dah menyumpah-nyumpah, ikutkan hati nak je aku grab Iphone but I want to wait for my friend who going for holiday in Europe . Who's know he will bring ' I feel gooood' stuff. *double wink* to Amir Hasanuddin. I wanna hear good news ok

Last week i went to Pediatric hospital @ HKL, visiting my lil sister cousin who suspect to have Leukemia. She's only 4. And I went visit her again on Monday, brought all the stuff that she may need..pampers, milk, socks and tidbit to make her happy. Oh dear...really tak terkata. Unlike! But Allah is Almighty, her mom so strong, I never heard she complaint on anything. Betapa aku tak bersyukur, sihat walafiat dan still lucky but ....ah! Allah knows..

Tak terkata....

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