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Monday, February 13, 2012

My childhood dream: A Music Box

Do you have something that you always want? Some stuff that you dream to have? Something simple that you used to see it during your childhood and dreams that you will have it, in a meaningful way one day?

I do.

I feel so ashamed to mention it here but what i want to tell you that it is not about the stuff, it is the value..sentimental value that comes together with it. The feel you keep in your heart when you open it. The excitement that comes together with the boxes. The so-indeed meaning... always want a music box. It is my lifetime favorite gift.  A music box that have a little girl dance along with music. Im sure you can imagine this kind of music box. Yes, music box, not a crystal ball. It is a different thing. Music box that plays an instrumental music for you everytime you open it. And the little girl with ballet shoes will spinning for you until the music stop...Classic kan?

Time goes by. Nowadays we can find alots of special and unique stuffs. I maybe one something abit expensive or rarely get but still..I still want it a music box. I know i can buy it but i just think that it is more meaningful if I got it from someone. Well, what is a gift if we bought it for our own. I means something like this...

And now, Im still waiting and wishing that someday someone will be kind enough to buy me a music box. Maybe it sound so childish but I dont care. Everybody have a 'childish' part in their life. We always have something in our mind that remind us to our childhood right?

Till one time, I cant wait any longer, I will go to Lovely Lace at KLCC and get one for me

End of the story..

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